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                         Review of Joey and the Mighty Oak



Reading Jungle says:

It takes patience and a trained eye to discover that an old oak is more than simply a tree standing on its own. This nature-affirming lesson is explored in the newly released book, Joey and the Mighty Oak.

Joey is a curious young boy who notices the majestic tree growing in the meadow near his home. This mature old oak has been a part of the landscape since before his grandfather was born. From his bedroom window, Joey observes the abundance of life centered around the tree. Birds and animals of all types are drawn to seek food and shelter from the life-giving tree. Joey also learns that he can enjoy the oak's splendor firsthand when his father hangs a swing from its sturdy branches.

Joey and the Mighty Oak is a lively story encouraging young readers to take notice of, and to learn about, the important interdependencies between plants, animals, and even people. The end of the book also includes intriguing facts about oak trees. These fun facts can expand the reading experience into an interactive and engaging exercise for all ages to participate. We recommend this book to awaken and inspire a child's appreciation for the subtle and delicate beauties of nature that surround us all.

Dawn Wentz Bailey, author and former news reporter, uses beautiful imagery to portray the activities of the wildlife interacting with this old and dependable tree. With an entire series of books in progress based on "Joey," this first-time children’s book author is beginning to earn attention.

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 Joey and the Mighty Oak by Dawn Wentz Bailey is an informative and enjoyable story about the symbolism of the Oak tree and the strength and shelter it provides to those who need it. Joey learns these qualities while enjoying the sight of the massive tree and playing beneath the sheltering leaves. This story is a great teaching tool for children along with a great read that will have the children asking to have it read again and again. Two thumbs up to Dawn Wentz Bailey and Joey and the Mighty Oak.

Marsha R Coles
Texas Justice


"How many years does an oak tree live? Do deer and hogs eat acorns? Can a tree protect a bird against the rain? In today's electronically driven society, Dawn Wentz Bailey reminds us of the wonders of nature, as seen through the eyes of a child. In Joey and the Mighty Oak, we learn all about industrious birds, and animal activity taking place beneath the sheltering canopy of an old oak tree...This is the perfect story for instilling in kids an early appreciation of the natural world." 

---L.M. Romagnoli author of, Memories of Me

                                Review of Bugs On A Bus



It is with great pleasure I commend Dawn Bailey, the author of "Bugs on a Bus" for a story idea that began with a butterfly garden and nature trail at BonDeCroft Elementary School. This story can be a timeless reminder that amazing and talented teachers leave indelible impressions on our children and their families and that learning can happen in the most unexpected places!

Dr. Sue Carmichael, BonDeCroft Elementary School Principal, 1993-2000


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